UACCI Board Members

In the management of UACCI, we adhere to the principles of mindful management. When forming the Board of Directors, we maintain a position of equality regardless of race, gender, or age. All board members are owners or TOP managers of American companies.


Eva Sigaev

UACCI President
Founder & Mentor at "Eva Virtual Model”

UACCI Board Member4

Walter Tun

UACCI Vice President
Executive Director at Selfreliance Association


Nataliya Omelchenko

UACCI Vice President
Founder and CEO YellowBlu MedSpa LLC

Board Of Directors Member3

Oksana Ambroz-Trychta

UACCI Secretary
Founder & Consultant at "It's Oksana" LLC Textile Design Studio.


Anna Tukiendorf

UACCI Treasurer
Director of Business Development TTi Medical Training School

Demytro Headshot

Dmytro Halan

UACCI Executive Director
Co-founder & CEO of Radio UA Chicago

UACCI Board Member

Volodymyr Dolynka

Board Of Directors Member
Founder & CEO of Dolynka Ukrainian-American Consulting

UACCI Photo 32

Oksana Taratula

Board Of Directors Member
Founder & President of Lesna Corp. and Live Oil by Lesna


Lana Hramakouski

Board Of Directors Member
President Chicago UA Inc.


Volodymyr Siryakov

Board Of Directors Member
Founder of Viva Express

UACCI Board Member 2

Tanya Kovalchuk

Board Of Directors Member
Real Estate Broker at Coldwell Banker Realty - McMullen Office

UACCI Member 201

Olexandr Popovych

Board Of Directors Member
Founder & CEO of Vista Trans Holding

UACCI Member 203

Oles Naconechnyy

Board Of Directors Member
Founder & CEO of Home & Homes

UACCI Member 202

Thomas Lang

Board Of Directors Member
Founder & CEO of Rebuild Ukraine Association