The Ukrainian-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UACCI) is an organization headquartered in Chicago, created to unite and develop Ukrainian-American entrepreneurship. Under its roof, the best representatives of the business community, experts, and professionals come together to exchange experiences, develop specialized knowledge and skills for successful work in the American and European markets, and provide and receive information, consulting, marketing, educational, legal, financial, and other support to the Ukrainian-American business community. UACCI aims to create and discover specific opportunities for business development.

Our Mission

To facilitate the unity and development of Ukrainian entrepreneurship in the United States by opening up opportunities in the American, European, and other markets for existing and new Ukrainian businesses. To create an image of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the United States as innovative, conscientious, and reliable business partners.

Main Goals

  • Creating conditions and projects for the development of Ukrainian-origin businesses and entrepreneurship in the United States and around the world.
  • Developing specialized knowledge and skills for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and their personnel.
  • Providing informational, advisory, marketing, educational, legal, financial, and other assistance to the Ukrainian business community.
  • Creating a positive image of Ukrainian entrepreneurs as reliable, professional, wise, innovative, and conscious partners. Promoting Ukrainian business culture and projects. Advocating for the interests of Ukrainian business.
  • Uniting the business community for representation, development, and protection of Ukrainian-origin businesses.
Business people in the workplace are discussing a working strategy for doing business

Reasons to join and become a member of UACCI

  • Access to valuable information and contacts, various business communities, investors, grants, and special funding programs.
  • Acquiring modern practical knowledge and skills for business development and effective management from successful entrepreneurs and renowned experts.
  • Uniting with like-minded individuals for the promotion of ideas and interests, creating new projects and businesses, developing industry standards and conditions.
  • Enhancing status, reputation, publicity, and recognition.